Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wireless Future

Evolution to turbocharge wireless broadband

Just as I was reading the news on new wireless standards, my colleagues turned my attention to a recent news on wireless power transfer.

IDF's Coolest Demos: Robotics, Wireless Power, and More - Forward Thinking by Michael J. Miller

While I was on holidays I did not read or watch any news. That was the most refreshing aspect of holiday, right? Well, that's why I missed on this Intel's announcement. It appears this is a continuation of the work announced last year by MIT scientist with a Balkans origin. This time the power, transferred by using magnetic resonance, was used to power a 60-Watt light bulb. This looks more useful than what last year demonstration showed.

To anyone who is so excited by these news of wireless power transfer I'd recommend to research on Tesla's work and findings as people have been talking for a long time that Tesla has managed to transfer the power without wires long time ago but there are no known written traces to show that was done. There goes the whole conspiracy theory after that but I'd be inclined to believe he did it since it appears he was a natural-born genius in the field of electro-magnetic waves.

As for wireless networks and data transfer, I'm quite amazed to hear a forecast that the wireless technologies will advance faster than fiber technologies. This goes against the current Australian government's tender to create a fiber-optics network across Australia. Obviously, it would be better, in light of current announcements, to invest in wireless technologies to achieve Internet coverage in Australia.

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