Thursday, November 30, 2006

Getting Old is not a Bad Thing

Learning Mandarin

This is a text I simply have to have linked. There's an answer to those who believe that going over 30 or 40 "makes them unable" to do certain things.
I should add a story of a friend's wife's grandfather (over 70) who rides a bicycle every day.
It's all up to you.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Windows XP: List of Services to Disable to Increase Speed

Windows XP: List of Services to Disable to Increase Speed
Read which services can be safely disabled if you don't use them. I don't use many of those listed.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flickr Geotagging with Google Earth

Flickr photos geotagging with Google Earth!
After you add geotags with Google Earth and upload a photo to Flickr, or upload a photo and then set the geotag with Flickr Map, use MetaToad's plugin for Google Earth to view Flickr photos at a certain location. Cool.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Norway, Iceland, Australia said best places to live

This year's (2006) UN's report on quality of life in world countries...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Post by Email

It seems that this should work but only if I'm posting from my gmail
That's fine, too. Thunderbird templates and storing sent email can be
configured, if needed. Posting through web mail account is great, too,
when on the road.


One-click blogging does not work at the moment. I've merged my account at to my Google account and all the links to one-click publishing do not work as I'm now on I can't find the parameters to properly use JustBlogIt Firefox extension so I'm logging in and typing the title and text with formatting manually.
I've also tried to post a couple of emails to use mail-to-blog service but they are not arriving. The posts are not shown either as drafts or being published although I've set up my account to do that.
Hope the situation gets better with time...

Posts by Email

Trying again. Wishing myself a bit more luck.
Hope this post goes through and gets published on my blog. :)

blah blah

Supposedly, one can post blog entries by sending email to
Wondering if it works, if I get the correct recipient, email, etc.

Is Your Relationship Ending?

After receiving a reminder from my Care2 account I logged in to find an interesting and valuable article - Is Your Relationship Ending? Not that I need it at the moment but it is insightful, nonetheless.