Saturday, February 28, 2009

Typing Tutor and a great Freeware site

Freeware Files - Free Software Downloads

I was looking for a typing tutor software. Among a few that are free, one popped up for having a portable version which does not need to be installed. This is a must have for some users who want to practice typing on computers where they don't have administrative rights to install any software. Other than that, Rapid Typing Tutor (link) is a decent typing tutorial with a very nice graphical interface and sets of exercises to practice touch typing. I will keep this software on my laptop in case someone asks me for such a program in the future.

Another good thing I found is the web site from which I downloaded the above typing tutor. FreewareFiles (link) also hosts other freeware with portable versions. It lists CCleaner portable version, for example. The site is full of ads but it hosts loads of freeware programs with user reviews. I will review the site in the future to see how often it gets updated.
Too bad they do not offer customized lists for tracking the latest versions of the software one uses. There are no logins for the site hence no customizations. But the search works well.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Subtitles - .srt files

Subtitle files (.srt) for movies are used to display the movie conversations and monologues on the screen. Sometimes they are used to translate a movie in a foreign language and sometimes simply to understand what the actors are saying.
Here are a few sites that host .srt files for various movies:

DivX Subtitles
DivX Subtitles World
RDW Subtitles
Subbiee Search
Any Subs