Saturday, February 27, 2016

Foods before GMO

Friday, February 26, 2016


Here is (or rather, will be) a collection of links that might help someone visiting Andalucia.

What to see?

What to do?


Costs: Google Sheets
Trip: Trip It

More to come.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

History Videos

Future with robots? Perhaps

Easy come, easy go might be a more appropriate:

Mercedes Boots Robots From the Production Line

Free games make all the money

What a paradox of modern economy:

"Global revenue from free games advanced 6 percent last year to $16.5
billion, accounting for almost a third of the entire digital games
market ..."
Source: World of Tanks Video Game Mints a New Billionaire From Belarus

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Guitar Software and Materials


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Be a better listener

There is always something new to learn. One interesting thing is that, in conversations, there is no need to give advice. Just listening is usually enough.

6 Ways to Be a Better Listener

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Batteries edging over fuel cells

"Daimler says batteries have edge over fuel cells - Euro am Sonntag" -

Friday, February 19, 2016

Movie comparison & recommendations

A few sites that will find the movies you might like. Movielens looks really good so far.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Skype Chat

Just had a great conversation on Skype:

[12:44:59] *** Gen Douglas M.Fraser would like to add you on Skype ***
[12:45:08] *** Alen Siljak (UN) has shared contact details with Gen Douglas M.Fraser. ***
[13:54:35] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: hello
[13:54:58] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: how are you doing?
[14:03:50] Alen Siljak (UN): Hi. Great. How about yourself?
[14:44:39] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: hey my friend am sorry for keeping you waiting,just received a call from the UN
[14:45:17] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: anyway am general Douglas Fraser of the united state army currently in Syria
[14:45:23] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: and you?
[14:45:56] Alen Siljak (UN): I'm Luke Skywalker.
[14:45:59] Alen Siljak (UN): Nice to meet you.
[14:46:19] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: yes my friend
[14:46:28] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: so how is the family doing?
[14:47:02] Alen Siljak (UN): Not bad, not bad. You can actually see here:
[14:47:27] Alen Siljak (UN): Dad's fine. Says hi.
[14:48:05] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: ok tell him i say hi as well
[14:48:14] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: so how old are you now?
[14:49:24] Alen Siljak (UN): That's hard to say. Here are the birthdates for my family:
[14:50:07] Alen Siljak (UN): Thanks, dad will be happy to hear that. He's Darth Vader.
[14:50:13] Alen Siljak (UN): or so he says.
[14:50:59] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: ok that is good

[14:51:05] Alen Siljak (UN): That's his latest photo.
 [14:52:04] Alen Siljak (UN): This is two of us playing around.
[14:52:30] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: wow that is nice
[14:52:40] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: but he is no more right?
[14:52:44] Alen Siljak (UN): If you want, we can send you the Death Star battleship to Syria and sort the problems out.
[14:53:09] Alen Siljak (UN): Oh, he's still around. Doing movies lately at the old age.
[14:53:15] Alen Siljak (UN): Very popular, too.
[14:53:18] Alen Siljak (UN): Having fun.
[14:53:36] Alen Siljak (UN): So happy for him.
[14:53:47] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: ok that is cool
[14:53:55] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: so where are you from?
[14:54:39] Alen Siljak (UN): That's a good question.
[14:54:41] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: so how long has your father been do movies?
[14:55:35] Alen Siljak (UN): Oh, for a while now. He's been pretty active since he retired from the imperial service.
[14:56:23] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: ok so what do you do now my friend?
[14:56:49] Alen Siljak (UN): I write some books and travel the world.
[14:56:52] Alen Siljak (UN): How about you?
[14:56:58] Alen Siljak (UN): Where are you originally from?
[14:57:35] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: as you know am a surgeon general of the united state army currently in Syria
[14:57:46] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: am from the united state
[14:57:51] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: phoenix
[14:57:51] Alen Siljak (UN): What are you doing there? It must be dangerous.
[14:58:06] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: so are you married?
[14:58:12] Alen Siljak (UN): No, I don't think so.
[14:58:39] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: am here for a peace keeping mission
[14:58:53] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: so why are you not married now my friend?
[14:59:01] Alen Siljak (UN): That's a bit early. Are the Russians giving you trouble?
[14:59:38] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: with the help of God we will handle all issues
[14:59:51] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: we will get them down
[15:00:03] Alen Siljak (UN): That's good to hear.
[15:00:10] Alen Siljak (UN): Sorry, I gotta go now,
[15:00:15] Alen Siljak (UN): the girls are waiting
[15:00:19] Alen Siljak (UN): and the beer is getting warm.
[15:00:21] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: so are you really 53 years old?
[15:00:22] Alen Siljak (UN): Talk to you later
[15:00:27] Alen Siljak (UN): Have fun in sunny Syria.
[15:00:57] Gen Douglas M.Fraser: ok take care my friend

Friday, February 05, 2016

The Illyrians, book

Here is the link to The Illyrians on Scribd

Monoliths, Ilyrians

Fascinating episode of The Edge of Science about monoliths, including the pre-historic Ilyrian cities (link).

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Mapcodes - finally an easy way to share a location

Mapcodes are (finally) an easy way to share a location. I've just learned about them in Here Maps, which provide mapcodes for search result locations.

A mapcode looks like this: "AUT HR.Q1"

It is all text and quite short. Actually, it is a letter version of the geographic coordinates. However, much easier to send to someone over chat, for example.

The best thing is that you can paste a mapcode into Here Maps and it will show you the location instantly.