Friday, October 29, 2004

When I think of all the good things the CVS offers I remember all the problems I've had in the past. Not once I was in a situation when doing some modifications to an existing application when users spotted a bug or asked for an urgent change on some of the forms. Since I was in the middle of editing major program modules it was not easy to compile a release version of the application. I would fix one thing and break three others in that case. That was a price to pay.
CVS would spare me the trouble and I would not think twice in that case. Simple checkout to another folder; fix the stuff that needs to be fixed, compile exe, commit changes back to server. The version where I was remodelling major parts of the application could simply be a branch on which I could work when I had the time. After finishing work, merge the branch back to HEAD section and voila.
Yes, CVS is very useful, even when there is only one or two programmers on the project.

And I should mention that we used Source Safe at the time but the whole process of Tagging/Branching is not so obvious there, so we never used it.
It turns out that the CVS CSS Proxy is doing a fine job after all. I was just not usind CVS edit/unedit commands, when actually I should have. Proxy is using that by default and thus behaves in a manner similar to Visual Source Safe. Edit/Unedit is a useful feature when working in a team and that's good to know. When I keep my home projects in a CVS I might not need to use edit/unedit but simple checkout/commit and that's good to know, too. :)

Tortoise CVS

Tortoise CVS: "Using TortoiseCVS for revision control"

Another nice description of how to use TortoiseCVS. I think I'm gonna stick with Tortoise. I was going nuts with CVS CSS proxy.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

RE: delete/rename folders in CVS

RE: delete/rename folders in CVS

Issues arising with usage of CVS. How to rename a folder. Sounds simple? Well...

The Code Project - HOWTO: CVS with VS.NET - Macros and Add-ins

The Code Project - HOWTO: CVS with VS.NET - Macros and Add-ins: "What do I need?"

After setting the CVS on my computer, I'm gonna try integrating it with Visual Studio .Net (2003).

CVSNT Installation Tips

CVSNT Installation Tips

finally, a solution to my troubles. :) Instructions that helped me start using CVS.


TortoiseCVS: "File Revision History"

excellent user guide

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

: "

We have successfully called a web service method which
implements WSE 2.0.


WS-Security with WSE 2.0.

Free Programming and Computer Science Books

Free Programming and Computer Science Books

As the title states... Cool.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Embedding and Using Resources in C#

Embedding and Using Resources in C#

Useful stuff. How to embed an icon into your executable with .Net. Newbie Tutorial (C#) Newbie Tutorial (C#): "ADO.NET Data Provider for SQLite Tutorial"

Here is a tutorial for SQLite ADO.NET provider. I might use SQLite as a storage for my password manager. First I'm gonna figure out how it works and then see about the security related issues.

Security Briefs: Mind Those Passwords! -- MSDN Magazine, July 2004

Security Briefs: Mind Those Passwords! -- MSDN Magazine, July 2004

Gonna try this. Sounds interesting. Hopefully I won't have to complete my own password manager.

The Great Debates: Pass Phrases vs. Passwords. Part 1 of 3: Security Management - October 2004

The Great Debates: Pass Phrases vs. Passwords. Part 1 of 3: Security Management - October 2004: "Second, you need to understand the difference between password guessing
and password cracking. Password guessing is when someone sits at the
console or at a remote machine trying passwords. Guessing is not
relevant to this article, because if an account has a relatively
complex password, guessing will not succeed anyway. If guessing
succeeds, the cause is either incredible luck on the part of the
attacker, or a weak password."

cool stuff. Use passphrases for security. Better yet, use password manager to create and store them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Thunderbird : FAQs : Changing Profile Folder Location - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Thunderbird : FAQs : Changing Profile Folder Location - MozillaZine Knowledge Base: "Changing the location of your Thunderbird profile folder"

Steps for moving an existing Thunderbird profile. I have problems reading RSS feeds in Thunderbird with my existing profile but I want to keep account settings and mail files.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Rambling Thoughts � Thunderbird Address BookPalm Sync Fixed -

Rambling Thoughts � Thunderbird Address BookPalm Sync Fixed - "Thunderbird Address Book<->Palm Sync Fixed"

One step towards migration from Outlook to Thunderbird and Palm Desktop.
RE: Web Developer Toolbar

I found this the other day and want it in my blog, too. :) Recommended!

Chris Pederick has created the Web Developer Extension for Firefox and Mozilla, which adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various Web developer tools. It’s a fabulous...

[Via meryl's notes]

Secure Storage

I'm thinking about replacing the mail client. Open Source mail clients are not bad. One of the things they still do not have is keeping the mail secure. But that, in fact, is not the task of a mail client after all. There is an excellent program, called TrueCrypt, that helps with this. It is a program similar to PGP Disk, but Open Source. It's free and secure. Create a secure storage and put all your unencrypted mail from an Open Source mail client on it.
Another feature I miss is a good calendar and Address Book synchronization with Palm. Something might be worked out with Palm Desktop and Thunderbird's Address Book. Palm Sync actually works.

Desktop Search

I see that people are excited about Google Desktop Search. I am, too. There's too much stuff lying around on my drives. I use cataloguing software to keep order on my archive CDs but I need something on desktop, too. Fortunately, Google made their desktop search engine available for download. Unfortunately, it does not work in a combination with a lot of other software. So I'm using something that does - Copernic.

Monday, October 18, 2004

meryl's notes: Mozilla vs. FireFox and Thunderbird

meryl's notes: Mozilla vs. FireFox and Thunderbird: "Commands and features are not identical. For instance, Mozilla has F9
to open the sidebar with search, history, bookmarks, etc. whereas
FireFox only opens Bookmarks and History in the sidepanel via Ctrl B
and Ctrl H respectively. There are a few extensions to do more with

I'm interested in what the differences are between Mozilla and Firefox/Thunderbird combination. I'm thinking about switching mail client.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Today is Sunday. That should be a day off. So, I'd like to learn more about lifestyle in Melbourne...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

I have found w.bloggar tool. This is the first message to be posted with it.
I still don't know how to enable Comments so that they can be posted through RSS aggregator.

ASP.NET Web Controls and browserCaps

ASP.NET Web Controls and browserCaps: "Mitch Rupp's .NET Blog"

This is my first post, conducted through an extension to FireFox browser. I have downloaded RssBandit but I still don't know whether it is possible to see and update this blog with this program.

Fikret's programming blog

Fikret's programming blog: "Delphi, Firebird..."

Fikret's programming blog.