Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rdlc Repor resources

Finally found some decent resources related to Microsoft Reports. See link(s) below.

  • Got Report Viewer (link)

Rdlc Report resources

Finally found some decent resources related to Microsoft Reports

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Upgrading Fedora 18 -> 19 with FedUp

Today I tried to upgrade Fedora 18 to 19 using fedup. First I got an exception after it downloaded all the packages. It turns out there is already a fix for this. The trick is to install a newer version of fedup, which is not yet available in the Updates repository for F18.
The repository here - Index of /pub/fedora/linux/development/19/x86_64/os - contains the latest version of fedup. It is 0.7.3 at the time of writing, while F18 Updates repository contains only v0.7.1.
So, running with this newer version there is no crash but adding the installation repository parameter is now required. Using the above repository allows the upgrade to proceed.
The command line is below.

sudo fedup-cli --network 19 --instrepo

Should you change your mind halfway through the process
sudo fedup-cli --clean
will clean up all the changes made so far.

Update: As described in the reply to the bug report, the installation repository above is the correct one if you are updating to a pre-release version of Fedora (which #19 currently is). Once it is officially released, any repository instance will contain the files to allow upgrading.

Another option is to download the (now available Beta) upgrade DVD and upgrade from there:

sudo fedup-cli --device /mnt/fedora --debuglog=fedupdebug.log

More info:

Update 2013-06-12: The instructions page list another upgrade path, using ISO. The command is

sudo fedup-cli --iso /path/to/file.iso

While upgrade with specifying the path to the contents of the mounted ISO file didn't work for me, the upgrade using the ISO file actually worked and the system was upgraded.
After the upgrade, a manual intervention was required. I had to update a lot of packages that were still available on the system. A lot of help was provided by
sudo package-cleanup --orphans

BeWeather & Widgets - Android Apps on Google Play

This is now definitely my favourite weather app for Android. It does not run as service, unless you want it to. As a service, it can be set to auto update. Each location can have its own update interval. And the temperature can be shown in the notification bar.
But, since I don't like apps running as services, I prefer to update when I actually open the app. BeWeather can find your location and then show the weather data from the nearest Weather Underground station. Once the location service is disabled, the location will remain cached in BeWeather and the weather will be updated for that location.
Other locations can also be added by simple search. There are beautiful weather animations for those who like extra visual experience. I'm quite happy with static images, which are also pretty.
There is also the animated satellite image for selected location, daily forecast for next 7 days, hourly forecast for the current day, sunrise and sunset times, and maybe a few more things.
However, all the stuff above is more than what I would expect from a decent weather app and this is it. After about a month of usage, there is not a single thing that is wrong about this app and that makes it onto my favourites list.

BeWeather & Widgets - Android Apps on Google Play

Office in the browser

Something to try out. Chrome plugin that opens Office files directly in the browser.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Deezer - Online Music Player

One more player to add to a collection of online music players.
Uses Flash. Works on both desktop and mobile.

Monday, April 15, 2013


RailsInstaller contains a complete Ruby package, including Bundler, Rails, DevKit, Git, etc. Basically everything you need to run Ruby apps.
This is my preferred way for installing Ruby when running Redmine.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Free, open-source, utility for Windows that allows you to script actions to keyboard or mouse macros. Contains a macro recorder.


Monday, April 08, 2013



How to work with variables (link)

Web Driver

WebDriver quick start (link).

Useful links:

  • CSS selectors in Selenium demistyfied (link)
  • Must-know commands for Selenium IDE (link)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Visual Studio 2012.2

2nd update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Friday, April 05, 2013

Debugging node.js applications with inpector

Install node-inspector:
npm install -g node-inspector

Run in debug mode:
node --debug your/node/program.js

Source: node-inspector


MarkdownPad 2 is a Markdown-aware text editor with preview.

MarkdownPad - News

And, for a start, here is a guide to Markdown syntax - link.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Google App Engine deployment with proxy

Similar to Node Package Manager, Python, Java, etc., Google App Engine can read HTTPS_PROXY variable in order to use a proxy server to access the Internet.
set HTTPS_PROXY proxy.server.domain:port
before running the App Engine Launcher and everything will work fine. The reason is that the App Engine is written in Python (on in Java, if you're using that one) and it is Python that is using the proxy server and reads the environment variable.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dot TK employs shady tactics

So, I have just realized how Dot TK is playing out their tactics for making extra bucks on the domain names. They offer free registration of .tk domains to everyone, stating that this promotes the island, helps tourism, yada yada yada. It is really no problem to register the domain, find a DNS host that will host the domain and, voila, everything works.
However, beware that when the domain expires it will simply redirect to spam advertising site to get your traffic. This is quite annoying and does not help understand the root of the problem. Looking under my account, the previously-registered domain was not listed there at all!
When I tried to re-register the domain, I was told that the domain is now a "special domain". Thus, it requires a payment that is higher than regular domain name registration. So, not only it is not free anymore but now it costs more than a paid domain!
Communicating with the support pays off. In my case it turned out that the domain expired and everything was set right promptly. In that regard, I salute the support team but the fact that it is not obvious what happened and that there is no way to extend the registration after it has expired, but redirects to some nasty sites, is quite a disappointment.
So, make sure you renew your domains on time.