Saturday, April 27, 2013

Upgrading Fedora 18 -> 19 with FedUp

Today I tried to upgrade Fedora 18 to 19 using fedup. First I got an exception after it downloaded all the packages. It turns out there is already a fix for this. The trick is to install a newer version of fedup, which is not yet available in the Updates repository for F18.
The repository here - Index of /pub/fedora/linux/development/19/x86_64/os - contains the latest version of fedup. It is 0.7.3 at the time of writing, while F18 Updates repository contains only v0.7.1.
So, running with this newer version there is no crash but adding the installation repository parameter is now required. Using the above repository allows the upgrade to proceed.
The command line is below.

sudo fedup-cli --network 19 --instrepo

Should you change your mind halfway through the process
sudo fedup-cli --clean
will clean up all the changes made so far.

Update: As described in the reply to the bug report, the installation repository above is the correct one if you are updating to a pre-release version of Fedora (which #19 currently is). Once it is officially released, any repository instance will contain the files to allow upgrading.

Another option is to download the (now available Beta) upgrade DVD and upgrade from there:

sudo fedup-cli --device /mnt/fedora --debuglog=fedupdebug.log

More info:

Update 2013-06-12: The instructions page list another upgrade path, using ISO. The command is

sudo fedup-cli --iso /path/to/file.iso

While upgrade with specifying the path to the contents of the mounted ISO file didn't work for me, the upgrade using the ISO file actually worked and the system was upgraded.
After the upgrade, a manual intervention was required. I had to update a lot of packages that were still available on the system. A lot of help was provided by
sudo package-cleanup --orphans


Anonymous said...

Fedora 17 -> 19 alpha works with the above command. Firstboot needed help with a manual reboot after it had shut down the system. Google Chrome is looking for, but a quick ln -s solved that issue. No other problems encountered... yet.

Anonymous said...

I used this to perform the update:
fedup-cli --network 19 --instrepo