Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dot TK employs shady tactics

So, I have just realized how Dot TK is playing out their tactics for making extra bucks on the domain names. They offer free registration of .tk domains to everyone, stating that this promotes the island, helps tourism, yada yada yada. It is really no problem to register the domain, find a DNS host that will host the domain and, voila, everything works.
However, beware that when the domain expires it will simply redirect to spam advertising site to get your traffic. This is quite annoying and does not help understand the root of the problem. Looking under my account, the previously-registered domain was not listed there at all!
When I tried to re-register the domain, I was told that the domain is now a "special domain". Thus, it requires a payment that is higher than regular domain name registration. So, not only it is not free anymore but now it costs more than a paid domain!
Communicating with the support pays off. In my case it turned out that the domain expired and everything was set right promptly. In that regard, I salute the support team but the fact that it is not obvious what happened and that there is no way to extend the registration after it has expired, but redirects to some nasty sites, is quite a disappointment.
So, make sure you renew your domains on time.

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