Sunday, March 30, 2008

Firefox Hangs - Solution

This is one of the pages that caused Firefox to hang.

SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site
I couldn't figure out why it happens. Searched the Internet but no help in sight. It appeared to happen mostly with banking sites and a few others. Removed Firefox 2 and installed 3.0 beta 4 but nothing changed.
Eventually I came across the World Clocks page that has a personalized page (as my Windows Mobile based device does not know about Daylight Savings Time changes this year) with clocks around the world. On this page there was a link to the personalized page but in applet version.
Opening the Java version hanged Firefox every time. There was Microsoft Java installed (with Vista) but it did not work.
Installed latest Java Runtime from SUN and Firefox started crashing. One, two, three, four, five times but, eventually, it succeeded running the Java applet. :))
Now it works fine. I can open the Seek page (that's the one I still remember hanging Firefox every time). Hm, what a weird solution. Hope this helps someone...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Debugger Doesn't Work

Min Kwan Park's bLog : The VS7.X Debugger doesn't work, What can I do?

A list of useful advice in regards to debugging with Visual Studio.
Some ASP.Net related ones, as well, like enabling Integrated Authentication in Security but also Active Directory.
Didn't appear to help with ASP.Net, though. :S

Friday, March 28, 2008

Change My Documents and Program Files to Storage and Storage Card

Nice tweak for Pocket PC. It effectively locks the Storage and Storage Card for one of these folders, meaning that syncing the PIM data to Storage will not work, probably.
My Documents are synced with desktop, so there's a backup mechanism.
Program Files, on the other hand, require more space than Storage offers (at least on my phone) so that option is out, still requiring the use of a backup program. Backup program requires Storage Card, so it goes round and round.

File System Tweak - Page 5 - xda-developers

Currently, I have moved all my docs to the SD card, backup the rest. Sync the card manually by placing it into laptop's SD card reader. Let's see what happens after the next hard reset.

Installing apps to subfolders on storage card (link)

Installing apps to subfolders on storage card! - Aximsite
Installing apps to subfolders on storage card!
Have you ever tried to install apps on your storage card only to find out that your app folders are written to the root folder of the storage card? I have tons of folders on the root drive of my folder. I always wanted to have everything install under the "Program Files" folder on the storage card. Now thanks to a thread on Brighthand I can do it.

I am going to supply the instructions as I have done it. But to give the author credit I will supply the link to the thread as well.

1. On AS on the desktop, goto Tools -> Add/Remove programs. Uncheckthe "install program into the default installation folder" option.
2. Edit the registry on the PPC:
\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Apps\Microsoft Application Installer\
set fAskDest to '1'
3. Create the "Program Files" folder on the SD Card. If you have a "My Documents" folder on the root folder of the SD Card, make sure that you have the ignore_my_docs file in the root drive of the SD Card.
4. Install your app. When asked if you want to install in default location, select No. Then the option of where to install appears. Select SD Card from the dropdown. This will merely copy the install CAB over to the root drive of the SD Card. Once the copy is complete, a Save AS dialogue screen will appear on the PPC. Select the SD Card and select the folder "Program Files". The app will install to the \SD Card\Program Files folder.

Link to thread on Brighthand

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Firefox 3

Just installed Firefox 3 (again). Some extensions are upgraded for the new version of the browser. I want to play with the favorites/bookmarks and finally start using them, instead of using a specialized program for that purpose.
So far looks good.
Had to switch Blog-posting extension. ScribeFire works great and is very useful, overall.
Some sites still hang Firefox. Some banking sites and, for example. No idea what is causing it. The same happened with the 2.0 version that I uninstalled. Could be some of the extensions, but the same happened in the safe-mode. Fortunately, there is IE Tab extension for the rescue. I'm happy as long as I can do what I need to.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

mob's dev blog - Rebinding error in Visual Source Safe

mob's dev blog - Rebinding error in Visual Source Safe
Today I'm solving some issues with opening projects from Source Safe and Visual Studio 2003.
One of the errors I got was:
"One or more of the project's destination paths are invalid. To open this solution, you must specify valid paths for each project. The error returned was The Web at 'http:/localhost' already contains a project. You need to choose another location for your Web project."
So I did what was suggested in the post at the above link and that error disappeared. Moving forward...