Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Windows XP: List of Services to Disable to Increase Speed

Windows XP: List of Services to Disable to Increase Speed
Read which services can be safely disabled if you don't use them. I don't use many of those listed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alen,

I've downloaded "Poviest Bosne do propasti kraljevstva" in PDF format from your site and some pages can not be read. Can that file be repaired, plese :)



Alen's Australia said...

Thank you for your feedback and sorry to put you through that hassle. I am uploading the ebook to my web site again. Should be complete in an hour or so. If I can be of assistance please contact me. My contact details are on my web site, page "Personal".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mate

The new file looks good. It's really appreciated.


Alen's Australia said...

Cheers, mate!

Alen's Australia said...

In case you get an email about this comment...
I have zipped and re-uploaded the ebook. That was the only way to correctly transfer the PDF file to the server.
Later I downloaded, unzipped, and compared the two (one on my computer and the downloaded one) and they were the same. You can download again if you wish so.
Thanks for notifying me about this.