Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ado.Net Data Services, Entity Framework, etc.

Using Microsoft ADO.NET Data Services
Playing around with the Entity Framework... Trying to expose the data model through a web service. Turns out that scenario is supported out-of-the-box. Using Ado.Net Data Services, the whole model is exposed as a web service in about a few minutes.
.AttachTo is the method should one wish to implement a custom interface. This is what we were trying to do until we found what we were missing the previous years.
This is quite amazing stuff and requires a bit of thinking of the best way to utilize the technology. At the moment I don't see too much use for it right now, unless one is building Ajax/JavaScript clients. I mean, all those features are available through proper set up of the database server, creation of tables, views, etc. Building a data model is one more step towards abstraction and the creation of business layer.
Spending some more time on research will be fun, I reckon.

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