Thursday, September 25, 2008

Midwest, damn it - Travian?!

midwest: Do you write it or not?!

Ha, what a development. Yesterday I asked Midwest to write a few lines on his blog and so he did. The interesting part goes a little deeper. I've had some time after I came from holidays. I decided to slow down a bit and make more room for relaxation and recreation. So, I was more on the lookout rather than actively looking for a video game I would play. I haven't done that for a really long time so now I'm kind of missing it. The last thing I played was the Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion and that was at least a year ago.
So, Midwest goes ahead and writes the post mentioning Travian. The initial description is just what I was looking for. With high internet availability it makes more sense to play a simple game online. So, the dice has rolled.
Here is the description on Wikipedia. I see there are domains in different parts of the world, so here is the Australian one.
OK, let's see what it's like... :)

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