Sunday, March 17, 2013

Static-site generators

Looking for a templating engine that generates a fully static-HTML web site.
Some initial leads come from Node Based Static Site Generators post (link).
The requirements would be that the templating engine can run on lots of machines. A Node.js-based engine would be great. Although limited to PCs when ran directly, it would allow working with online IDEs to modify the site contents.


Uses marked templates and is relatively simple to get going. I would still prefer something simpler as sometimes it is not obvious what is missing in the overall structure of the files.


Current favorite.
The file structure seems the simplest. Supports MarkDown templates (marked). Has a file monitor that rebuilds on any file save, and a built-in server for previewing the site.
Quick start (link)


Uses jade templates which are some hybrid between MarkDown and HTML. This is a half-way solution and I see no point using this quazi-HTML instead of the real thing. Or, if moving away from HTML (the presentation) to the content then I would prefer something like MarkDown.
The library is extensible but one would have to write an own plugin to be able to use marked templates.
No go.

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