Thursday, March 21, 2013

Looking for Bookmark Manager

It's been so many years but bookmark management is still a pain in a wrong place. My bookmarks are now spread out across systems and programs and it is hard to pick up which one is where. Now I'm embarking on a task of finding a decent bookmark manager that:
  • works across platforms (Android, Linux, Windows, for a start)
  • syncs across those same platforms
  • allows quick search
  • allows locating the search results in the folder hierarchy
  • has notes field that is searchable
  • works with whatever the default browser is
Here are some findings:
  • NetVisualize Favorites
    So far I've used NetVisualize Favorites for years. It worked well on Windows and synchronized through Dropbox. Worked with any browser. However, it is not being developed further so it is missing all the modern features of cross-platform and online cooperation. That's why I'm looking for alternative.
  • Firefox Bookmarks
    While convenient as cross-platform tool that syncs, it is sometimes suffering from performance problems.
  • Chrome Bookmarks
    Has sync across platforms and devices. Missing description field and search. Annoying thing on desktop is that it is impossible to figure out the directories where the search result records are stored. Directory information adds a lot of useful contextual information to the bookmark and not having it available is confusing.
    On mobile there is a bug in layout that makes it impossible to work with even a moderate number of bookmarks.
  • Opera Bookmarks <- br="" current="" favorite="">What a gem. Someone recommended this and now I'm using it as a default bookmark manager to try it out.
    Has versions for Android, Linux, Windows. Syncs across platforms.
    NetVisualize can export directly to Opera format, together with Description field!
    Has awesomely fast quick find that search in Description.

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