Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fasterfox Lite - Speed up your Firefox browsing

Fasterfox Lite is a Firefox browser addon that significantly reduces page loading and rendering time. From my experience, the net effect is now quite comparable to Chrome, if not better.
Lite, in this case, means this is version of Fasterfox that does not use page pre-fetching. I prefer not to load all the links on a page, whether it is done in the background or not.
All I need now is find which addons cause Firefox to take ages to start up...

Fasterfox Lite :: Add-ons for Firefox


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify about Fasterfox Lite, the Link Prefetching was not removed as that is a part of Firefox. I removed the Enhanced Prefetching from Fasterfox that forced Link Prefetching of links that had not been explicitly marked by the web sight for prefetching.

Alen's Australia said...

Thanks for clarification, Bret!

babaob said...

BigBrent is the creator of firefox 3.5 ^^