Monday, December 29, 2008

OpenProj - Open Source Project Management Tool

OpenProj | Serena Open Source and Hosted Project Management Software

I was looking for a free project management tool today. Something that has the basic features of Microsoft Project but is not as expensive. This should be a tool that I could use anywhere and everywhere.
After looking at some programs, I settled with OpenProj. It has the best feel while working with it. The other alternatives that made it in the finals were Open Workbench and GanttProject.
Authors say OpenProj reads MS Project files. I see Microsoft Project 2003 xml file type available but have not tried to exchange the project file with MS Project.

OpenProj has Work Breakdown Structure, Resources, and Gantt Chart. It contains some statistics, schemes, etc. that I do not need at the moment. Calendar feature is a bit buggy and incomplete. I managed to add another base calendar but can not use it anywhere outside the calendar screen. Can't assign it to resources or tasks.
Still, for what I need, this is quite a decent tool.

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