Friday, December 26, 2008

Disable starting Server Manager on startup in Windows 2008 Server

I'm getting annoyed by constant display of Initial Configuration Tasks and Server Manager upon every reboot of the system. While the initial configuration tasks panel contains the checkbox that allows for not displaying it on startup in the future, the Server Manager is not that simple.

To solve that issue, open registry at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ServerManager and change the value of DoNotOpenServerManagerAtLogon key from 0 to 1.


Anonymous said...

I've tried this and it still came up, i'm using 2008 r2 beta thanks

Edward Villarreal said...

The above is true, but in order for it to fully work on a Win2008R2 server I needed to modify: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ServerManager.

Modify "CheckedUnattendLauncSetting" Change from 0 to 1.

This did the trick completely for me.

Erik van der Mije said...

1. You can check "Do not show me this console at logon" in the server summary
2. If you can't get there, you have to set CheckedUnattendLauncSetting to 0 instead of 1;
3. If you can't find CheckedUnattendLauncSetting look under current user, not local machine.

Anonymous said...

Tried this in GPO and still comes up for all new users.
Does anyone else have an option to try

Erik van der Mije said...

You could set CheckedUnattendLauncSetting to 0 for all users in the registry... Look under HKEY_USERS

Arjun MCSE said...

Easiest way is to check "Do not show me this console at logon" check box in the server summary.

Thanks a lot for showing how to disable Server Manager using registry editor.

Unknown said...

Disabling server manager startup through GPOs is the most preferred approach.