Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Some updated Bosnian stats


IMF estimate: ~28% (link).
CIA World Factbook: ~45%


World Bank puts the country into the Upper middle income group (link). Well situated compared to the rest of the world.

Salary Explorer (link) shows the average monthly salary in Bosnia to be ~1,300 BAM and median 1,200 BAM. This is €650 and €600, respectively.
Of course, to even get to this survey, one would be educated enough to know English, have an access to the computer, *and* be employed, all at the same time. Quite a feat, considering that almost the third of those who are able, actually do not work.
Another survey (link) states that 25,000 BAM is the most common salary. This is clearly expressed on an annual level, making it higher than 2,000 BAM per month. Phew! Again, only 71 correspondent there so hardly a representative sample.

Xinhua reported in 2014 that the average salary in Bosnia was €422 (link). The negative side is that this was 1.4% less than the year before.


Index Mundi (link) has a generally good collection of statistics. It is great that the GDP doubled since 1998, making it to US$ 9833 in 2014.
The rest of stats - link.


  • Index Mundi (link)
  • CIA World Factbook, Bosnia and Herzegovina (link)
  • Google Public Data Explorer (link)
  • World Bank (link)

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