Thursday, March 06, 2014

Moving to Static and Keeping Your Toys - Harp.js

Raymond Camden's posts seem to be a great current source of info about Harp.js recipes. If you didn't know, Harp.js is a fantastic node.js-based pre-processor / web server. I currently use it to turn any directory with Markdown notes into a web site (locally) or compile the same into a static web site ready for deployment to any hosting solution.

An interesting, and for some important, aspect of using Harp.js vs dynamic content providers (solutions a la Asp.Net MVC, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, etc.) is how to keep some of the dynamic features even on a static (.html-based) web site. The article below is a good starting point and I'll be happy to chip in a few more related links.

Moving to Static and Keeping Your Toys | Flippin' Awesome

Additional resources


Harp.js provides a JSON representation of all the files in the directory tree. This is an excellent base for a client-side site search. Some ready-made solutions are here:

  • Tipue Search (link). This is exactly what is needed to provide search capabilities to a static site. A realtime search would be even better.
  • Tapir (link). This is a hosted solution, however.

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