Monday, January 14, 2013

Kernel 3.7.2 and VMWare Workstation 9

After upgrading kernel to version 3.7.2 on Fedora 18, VMWare Workstation 9 requires recompilation and installation of kernel-level modules required for its operation. This is normally transparent and done automatically. However, with this update the source code structure has changed and the automatic recompilation does not succeed. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Create the symbolic link as below

sudo ln -s /usr/src/kernels/3.7.2-201.fc18.x86_64/include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h /usr/src/kernels/3.7.2-201.fc18.x86_64/include/linux/version.h

and then run

sudo vmware

so that permissions are available for recompilation and installation of the modules.

More info: Linux Kernel 3.7, VMWare Workstation and NVidia Driver (link)

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