Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mounting ISO to Wine prefix with q4wine

I like using q4wine as a helper tool for Wine. Having multiple prefixes and their administration gets much easier.
One of the things often required for installation of software is mounting ISO files as CD-ROMs to a Wine prefix. The way to do this in q4wine is the following:

When creating a prefix (or editing once it has been created), in the Quick Mount section on the General tab, set the mount point directory. The best is if this is within the prefix directory itself. For example, if the prefix is in "/home/user/wine/x86", the mount point would be "/home/user/wine/x86/cdrom". Create the mount point directory if it does not exist. Use full path directory names, not ~.
In the same section, set the Device (windows drive). The default is the next available letter, which is D:.

Once this is set up, install "fuseiso" package. This turned out to be the easiest way of mounting ISO files as an ordinary user. No root access needed, not even sudo.
Set q4wine to use fuseISO by going to File -> Options -> Quick Mount. Select FuseISO as a Quick Mount profile. Leave the commands at the default settings.

Then go to Tools -> Disc Image Manager and add the .iso file to the list of known images. The images from here will be available in the Mount menu.

After all this is set up, right-click on the prefix, select Mount ISO option, and select the .iso file added to the Disc Image Manager. It will become available to the selected Wine prefix. Then you can simply run any program from that Windows drive, as set in the prefix settings.

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