Monday, October 22, 2012

Cryptography with JavaScript

JavaScript has become a full-blown object-oriented language with decent performance both on the server- and client-side. It can run with Node.js or inside a browser sandbox. This makes it a valid candidate for multi-platform development of commont tasks. One of which is cryptography.

Crypto Libraries

  • Stanford Javascript Crypto Library (link)
  • CryptoJS (link)

Password Managers

Some popular crypto implementations include online password managers. Some of these are Clipperz, LastPass, 1Password, etc. 
All of them can work offline but under different conditions. 

Steganography in Javascript

Steganography is the art of hiding the message in a way that is not suspected. Below there are a few examples of steganography with images.

  • The article with the same name (link)
  • Information Hiding: Steganography done with JavaScript (link)

Practical Steps

I am starting a project of creating a password manager implementation purely in JavaScript. The code is available here. The purpose is to gather and expand knowledge on the topic.

Additional Links

  • Cryptography with Javascript (link)

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