Friday, August 31, 2012

Dropbox Public Folder

Dropbox, as almost everyone knows, offers sharing publicly available files from a Dropbox account. This means putting a file into the Public folder and it will be publicly available to anyone with the full URL of the file. It is a neat and convenient way to store certain files to be shared with friends or just anyone, including yourself when on a public computer. Even more important, there are situations when we lose our mobile device or access credentials to our email or similarly important accounts.
Since now Dropbox also offers 2-step authentication with Google Authenticator, I strongly suggest you use it to protect your online files. But, since this also complicates access when you don't have your access devices, Public folder can be used for quick access to the files you might need on the go. Use at your own risk, of course.
The link to my public folder is here.

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