Monday, September 17, 2012

Desktop System Info on Windows

So, a new round of search for desktop system-info tools. As I'm really missing Conky functionality on Windows, I'm about to test a few tools until I find one I'm happy with. Previously I've written a similar short article with links to some tools and this time I'll simply revisit the same applications and see if they got better over time. The previous article is here.
Currently I'm using Rainlendar and Networx on my desktop. Still missing some indicators, like processor, RAM, and disk queue and/or throughput. So, here are some tools and findings:

  • DesktopInfo: Nice. Integrates with desktop. Simple and easy. Missing network throughput in bytes/kilobytes.
  • Rainmeter: Great indicators. Skinnable and customizable. Can be displayed on desktop so it is not hidden with Win+D key combination. Seems a bit unresponsive at times. Has issues displaying the correct time for different time zones than local.
    Check the awesome skins here.
  • BGInfo: displays the system information on desktop.
Still no winner.

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