Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Redmine & Backlogs - "Updated by {{author}} {{age}} ago"

I just installed Redmine Backlogs plugin in order to display the burndown chart for issues in Redmine. However, the issue pages started showing "Updated by {{author}} {{age}} ago", as well as other template keys instead of real values.

Thanks to a discussion at

the solution seems to be some incompatibility in i18n gem for Ruby. The solution is to remove 0.5.0 of i18n package and install an older one. Here is the post that helped:

"I had a similar issue after installing a plugin that required the i18n gem which resulted in my unintentionally upgrading i18n to 0.5.0. When I rolled back to i18n 0.4.1 it solved the issue for me. Here were the commands I used:

gem install --no-rdoc --no-ri i18n -v 0.4.1

In order to make sure I had 0.4.1 available on my system, and then:

gem uninstall i18n

And then select the newer version of i18n that it is necessary to get rid of (in my case it was i18n 0.5.0), then restart Redmine.

I can't guarantee this is going to help, but in my case it did."


Anonymous said...

It did for me as well!

Alex said...

It's work! Thanks!