Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye, Mesh

Windows Live Mesh is soon to be replaced with Windows Live Sync service. These two services are basically merging into a hybrid of both that does not look too good.
The product is still in beta. The most significant effect that I can see is that the 5GB (from what I remember) of storage/sync space is now becoming 2GB and it is taken from your SkyDrive account. Device view is being replaced with another service – Devices (see link below). This service will also replace the remote connection from Mesh. What is left is only the Sync functionality with less online storage space. While I admit I used way less than even 2GB, it is always nice to know there is this space if/when you happen to need it. Hopefully Microsoft will do something similar to Hotmail with “ever increasing storage space” once the usage stats are on for the new service.
I haven’t yet upgraded but will soon have to, I guess. If the features are as crippled as they sound now, Dropbox could become my new old friend (again). Actually, going through the FAQ, I see Windows XP is not supported so I can’t use it at work. This means that Dropbox is definitely my new old friend…
Check the following links:
  • Announcement on Inside Windows Live (link),
  • Live Mesh FAQ (link),
  • Windows Live Sync home page (link)
  • Devices (link
Edit: Oh, yeah, have to add that I've already replaced the remote access of Mesh with LogMeIn recently.

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