Monday, March 29, 2010

SlideIT - Auto Corrections

SlideIT is my new favorite text input method for PocketPC. It is so addictive that I started sliding my mouse over the screen on my PC after only a few minutes of using SlideIT on my phone.
There are additional languages available for download so it is easy to write in different languages.
It also allows one to store words into a language dictionary file so you can add your own words if you wish.
The only drawback I found is that the local characters are missing from the Croatian keyboard but are available in other soft keyboards I've tried.
However, now it is incredibly easy to write text. I don't have to type each character any more. Just sliding the finger over the keyboard does the work. The text prediction is so good that, according to my initial feeling, it gets over 90% hit rate. Only rarely I have to repeat or correct a word. If some word does not exist in the dictionary (although a lot of them do) it is easy to add it.
There is also a special-characters keyboard as well as keys for cursor movement and Cut/Copy/Paste.
So far, the idea and the implementation are impressive.

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