Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tabs on Top and autoHideStatusbar - Firefox Addons

I've just started using two more Firefox addons:
  • Tabs on Top does exactly what the name implies. It will put tabs on top of address bar. This will result in the look and feel that is the same as Google Chrome.
  • autoHideStatusbar will hide the status bar to provide more space for viewing the page content. The status bar will show when hovering over links or while the page is loading. Also, when using Hide Menu addon, status bar will show when pressing Alt key to display the menu. Ideal hover time (wait until the status bar is displayed when hovering over a link) is 125ms.
Used in combination with Hide Menu, Hide Caption, and Omnibar, the final look and feel of
Firefox will be exactly the same as that of Google Chrome. :) No need to say that the usage gets more practical, leaving more room for the actual page content.
Note that, when caption is hidden, you can move the window by displaying the menu first (Alt key) and then grabbing the empty part of the menu bar to drag the window to a desired position on the screen.

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