Saturday, December 12, 2009

ToDoList Supplements

ToDo List project page at The Code Project contains links to interesting related projects for ToDo List. One of those is the Gantt Viewer for ToDoList, which does exactly what it says – it displays your todo list (.tdl file) as a Gantt chart, taking into consideration start and/or end dates for each task. This is exactly what I needed to accommodate for the visual presentation of the task list.

Some task list are check-box based. These can be simple (list) or hierarchical. Yet, other ones are more project-based and depend on timelines and resources. I’m still finding the best way to organize tasks/projects and, so far, ToDo List is one of the most convenient tools for this purpose. Now, with Gantt Viewer this could just be my Holy Grail of (small) project management. :)

Yet another visual presentation of todo list is the Calendar plug-in for ToDoList. This is perfect companion to the previous two views (task list and Gantt chart).

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