Monday, August 03, 2009

Setting Status per Account in Pidgin

In Pidgin it is not quite obvious at a first glance how to set the status for an individual account. Some people may need this but it is not readily available as the purpose of Pidgin was something else.
However, there is one built-in option on how to do this and one in the form of a plug-in.

The first is described here. Pidgin has an option to define a custom status. When you create a New status, there is an option to set individual status per account. This may work well if you have set situations and you want to apply individual statuses as a set. So, set some to invisible, some to available, etc.

The second option, mystatusbox plugin, can be downloaded at the link below. It allows seeing and setting every account to their native statuses, supported by the protocol.
Downloads – Pidgin Plugins
MyStatusBox plugin is a part of puple pack. So, grab the zip from the link above and copy either only this or any other plugins you my want into the plugins directory.

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