Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Syncplicity - another online sync/backup service

Syncplicity - Secure Backup, Synchronization, and Sharing

There is another online backup/synchronization service available to users. Still haven't tried it, though.
From what I can see in the tour, it has an option to share a file with people who don't have an account with Syncplicity. This is a fancy thing that will soon be one of those "can't-live-without-them" issues.
The service also plays nice with other Web 2.0 applications - Google Docs, Facebook, Zoho, Scribd, Picnik.
It has a way to prioritize files to be synchronized, stores previous versions of files that have changed (revisions) and allows one-way traffic (a feature used for backup as opposed to synchronization).
The free service offers 2GB of data space on the servers. Some additional space can be earned through referrals.

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