Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Developer goodness - LocalDb

With SQL Server 2012 Microsoft has released a product named LocalDb.

"LocalDB is created specifically for developers. It is very easy to install and requires no management, yet it offers the same T-SQL language, programming surface and client-side providers as the regular SQL Server Express. In effect the developers that target SQL Server no longer have to install and manage a full instance of SQL Server Express on their laptops and other development machines. Moreover, if the simplicity (and limitations) of LocalDB fit the needs of the target application environment, developers can continue using it in production, as LocalDB makes a pretty good embedded database too." 
Currently available for download from here.
A few things to note, though. LocalDb can be installed only on OSes above Windows 2000. It requires SQL Native Client which has to be installed separately. It can only be managed with SQL 2012 management tools which have to be installed separately. It supports only local connections through Named Pipes. The maximum database size is 10 GB.
All this seems good enough for development, or even minimalistic production setups, and is offset with the ease of deployment.

The connection string to use with LocalDb is "Data Source=(localdb)\v11.0;Integrated Security=true".

A few introductory articles:
  • Introducing LocalDB, an improved SQL Express (link)
  • What is LocalDB? (link)

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